The community of Goro, with its Fishermen’s Consortium at its heart, has achieved important economic, industrial, environmental and tourism results thanks to the European cohesion policies funds and the PNRR

We went directly to the border between Italy and Slovenia to describe the peculiarities of the union between the cities of Gorizia, Nova Gorica and another Slovenian municipality in the field of European projects

Cohesion Policies reported by “young” ideas: ideas that have been collected in a project of the Emilia-Romagna Region characterized by 18 stages, called YOUZ

Over the past 40 years, European investments have allowed the Albornoz Fortress of Spoleto to return to its former glory

The community of Goro, with its Consortium of Fishermen at its heart, has achieved important results thanks to the funds of the European Cohesion Policy 

We flew to Brussels to present the EU FACTOR NEXT project and listen to interesting debates within the European Week of Regions and Cities

The class 5B of the Liceo Sanvitale in Parma is the host of this new episode of Eu Factor, which announces the last two Stories of Cohesion of the project and many news!

The Law on the attraction of talents of the Emilia-Romagna Region: focusing on the circularity and on the international mobility of talent is the key to innovation

In Calcata, European funds promote tourism and digitalization

Focusing on young people, to build a new present and future. So Emilia-Romagna has a new regional law to attract and retain young talents. Morena Diazzi, Directorate of Knowledge, Research, Work, Business, talks about it