Podcast: Securing the Secchia river

The Secchia river is a significant watercourse that has always been important for agriculture in Emilia-Romagna. However, its natural course has been modified over the years, with significant consequences for the surrounding territory.

The Secchia is an important ecological corridor connecting the Apennines and the Po river system. In recent decades, its river area has undergone major redevelopment projects that have made it possible to preserve its natural peculiarities, while guaranteeing safe access for citizens.

In order to ensure the safety and stability of the area surrounding the Secchia River, several measures must be implemented. These measures have been ongoing for many years and some remarkable results have already been achieved. Among the major interventions is the ‘Interventions in the Secchia River Basin’ project for territorial safety.

Learn more about this green redevelopment project by listening to the ‘EU with YOU’ podcast: https://podcast.areanews24.it/podcast/areanews-eufactor.htm

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