Clips of cohesion

The Cohesion Clips are focused on European strategies and projects in progress and are distributed on multimedia, television and radio channels in order to reach citizens throughout the country.

The clips have as their common goal the 5 strategic objectives set at European level: a smarter, greener, more connected, more inclusive and closer to citizens Europe.

The contents of the pills will bring us closer to the strategies that the European Union has put in place to achieve these goals.

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Clip of Cohesion #76 – Let’s find out together if the EU is achieving its goal of being more connected, thanks also to the trip our European correspondents took to visit us

Clip of Cohesion #75 – SAVE THE DATE: Eu Factor Next will be present on 17 May at the University Radio Festival in Rome organised by Raduni. On 18 May we will be in Forlì at the European Youth Event with a dedicated stand and many joyful activities. Come and visit us!

Clip of Cohesion #74 – We interview in Bologna the international partners of the European project SKI.F.T., an initiative aimed at small social economy enterprises to support them in their green transition

Clip of Cohesion #73 – Are young people ready and prepared to vote in the upcoming European elections? We also discover the Imola-based cooperative Hibou, which works with Europe on a daily basis

Clip of Cohesion #72 – The European Parliament approved the directive to increase energy performance in buildings by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the sector by 2030 and to achieve climate neutrality by 2050

Clip of Cohesion #71 – From 4 to 6 April, Ferrara hosted the European Projects Festival, an annual event dedicated this year to the European elections and the role of young people in building the Europe of the future

Clip of Cohesion #70 – Let’s discover the project for the new university campus in Aosta, which meets several EU objectives, namely to be a green, smart and above all inclusive building

Clip of Cohesion #69 – We analyse and explain the European situation on climate change and the role of the Green Deal. In doing so, an important European digital tool called Climate Action Tracker can help us

Clip of Cohesion #68 – The EU recently approved the first international regulation on artificial intelligence, called the AI Act, which provides for various limits and guarantees in the use of AI by citizens and businesses

Clip of Cohesion #67 – Artificial intelligence is certainly a hot and topical issue: but what challenges and opportunities does it pose for businesses in Europe? Let’s find out with some national experts!

Clip of Cohesion #66 – In 2021, the programming of European cohesion funds across the continent began. It is now 2024: what is its state of progress?

Clip of Cohesion #65 – At the event organised by Europe Direct Emilia-Romagna held on 22 February at the Sala Borsa in Bologna, the new European perspectives of the social economy were discussed with leading representatives of the sector

We flew to Brussels to present the EU FACTOR NEXT project and listen to interesting debates within the European Week of Regions and Cities

Within the Festival del Buon Vivere, the final event of EU Factor was held: many exceptional guests who spoke about the future and Europe

Since 1976, Cohesion Policy has been operating on European territory. In 2023, however, it is also important to discuss the issues in favour of faster procedures for the management of these European funds. An example on Italian territory is the PNRR

Three young aspirants of European policy present the MEP, now also available for university students

Fabio Casini, head of the Punto Europa in Forlì, explains how fake news about Europe born and how citizens can deal with them

A preview of the next two Stories of Cohesion, from the Apple Academy in Naples to the Europa Experience in Rome

Two public officials explain the difficulties in capturing and spending European funds: Samanta Isaia and Laura Papaleo, guests of EU Factor

Structural Funds, direct management funds and PNRR. What are the differences? Let’s discover them with Fabio Masini and Antonella Buja

According to the European Union, 2023 is the year of professional skills, from school education to forecasting future needs. With us, for EU Factor, the economist Giuseppe Solinas

Let’s start 2023 by recalling what EU Factor is and what the five objectives of cohesion policy are. Elisabetta Gualmini explains it to us, in a totally apolitical way.

KOHESIO, an European Union tool which maps the thousands of projects financed with cohesion policies