Who are the forerunners who helped build today’s Europe

A very interesting publication (downloadable free of charge, in several languages, from this page) discovering women and men who contributed vision and commitment to the birth of the European spirit.

Resistance fighters, Holocaust survivors, political figures and even a film star: the visionary leaders described in this booklet inspired the creation of the Europe we live in today.

They were a diverse group of people moved by the same ideals: peace, unity and prosperity in Europe. Many of them worked to bring an end to conflict in Europe after the horrors of the two world wars and to promote peace and solidarity between peoples, acting as champions of the fundamental values on which the EU is founded: freedom, democracy and equality; respect for human dignity, human rights and the rule of law; solidarity and protection of all members of society.

The aim of this booklet is to testify to the importance that the contributions of these personalities have had for the foundations of the EU. The pioneers of the EU worked for peace and prosperity and for the elimination of social exclusion and discrimination. They helped bring about the systems that led to economic stability and eventually to a single currency, and promoted Europe’s rich cultural heritage. Without their drive and imagination, we would not be living today in the peaceful and stable Europe we know.

These short biographies are an excerpt from the full articles available online at: https://european-union.europa.eu/principles-countries-history/history-eu/eu-pioneers_it