What Europe does for me, a website and an app to discover the concrete impact of the EU in the lives of its citizens

How does Europe enter our daily lives? How does it affect our jobs, our families, our healthcare, our hobbies, our travel, our safety, our consumption choices and our social rights? How is it present in our countries, cities, and regions?

What Europe does for me is the interactive and multilingual website created by the European Parliamentary Research Service. It contains hundreds of short, easy-to-read articles providing examples of the real impact the EU has on citizens’ lives. Users can easily find specific information about what Europe does for their region, their profession, or their favorite pastime.

More than 1500 locations

The site provides about 2000 one-page articles to share or reuse as web pages or as PDF files. The articles are divided into two main sections. The first, “In My Region,” allows users and their families to select where they live or work. How is Europe present in our cities and regions? This section includes more than 1500 locations in every part of the European Union.

More than 500 snapshots of what the EU does for citizens

The second section of the site, “In my life”, allows each user to choose from 500 articles that touch on important aspects of the lives of European citizens. For example, how the EU impacts families, healthcare, hobbies, travel, safety, consumer choices and social rights. A series of podcasts in a growing number of languages is also available in this section.

Citizens’ App: Europe in the palm of your hand

This mobile application helps citizens find out what the EU has done, is doing and intends to do. It is browsable, shareable, can be customized and is available in twenty-four languages. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.