Podcast: The ‘Antica Kroton’ project to transform degraded areas into places of culture

In this episode of the UnicaRadio Podcast, some points of the ‘Antica Kroton’ project are presented. The project is part of the 2014-2020 Action and Cohesion Plan (CAP), a fund created in 2011 to speed up the arrival of European funds, and also to monitor the effectiveness of interventions.

The main aim of the project, as its name suggests, is to enhance the areas involved, in particular: the Urban Archaeological Area, for the recovery of the excavations in the city centre; the Stadium Area – Pignera Park, with the intention of musealising the entire park area; and the redevelopment of the ‘Ex Ariston’ area.

These areas, considered to be an ‘urban void’, have not been touched by the construction because there have been archaeological discoveries. The intervention, targeted only at the areas owned by the municipality, aims to exploit this urban void and restore beauty to the entire ancient area of the city of Crotone.

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“EU with YOU” is the Eu Factor Next podcast realised by Raduni, the Association of Italian University Radio Operators, to tell citizens first-hand how European funding is spent. In each episode the podcast will tell the story of a project financed by the European Union and its Cohesion Policy on the national territory.