Podcast: Revamping of Macomer’s waste-to-energy plant

In the new episode of ‘EU with YOU’ we talk about a green project in Sardinia, to modernise the area’s incinerator, promoting energy sustainability.

A waste-to-energy plant is a particular type of incinerator, which uses the combustion of so-called Municipal Solid Waste, i.e. non-recyclable waste from households. The term ‘revamping’, on the other hand, actually means ‘modernisation process’, which takes place by means of a refurbishment of the plants.

The waste-to-energy plant in question is located in the Zona Industriale Tossilo, in the Province of Nuoro, more precisely in Macomer. The modernisation operations will be carried out by the Padua-based company Area Impianti S.P.A., with the contribution of EUR 42 million allocated, which will also come from European funds, such as: the Cohesion and Development Fund, which in turn is part of the 2014-2020 Action and Cohesion Plan (CAP), but also from the Sardinia Region.

The project was launched on 20 June 2016. But at what stage is its revamping process?

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“EU with YOU” is the Eu Factor Next podcast produced by Raduni, the Association of Italian University Radio Operators, to tell citizens first-hand how European funding is spent. In each episode the podcast will tell the story of a project funded by the European Union and its Cohesion Policy on the national territory.