Podcast: “Puglia Digitale” project

Digital Revolution in Apulia: an ambitious integrated project to optimise Environment, Agriculture and Regional Services

The main objective of the project ‘Puglia Digitale – Operational Plan Ecosystem Agricolture Territory and Environment’ is to strengthen and evolve the system of data and services of the infrastructures of the territory. In order to achieve this goal, however, a multiplicity of sub-interventions or sub-projects are required, such as the experimentation of new technologies for better knowledge of the territory.

Through these technologies, one can also:

  • analyse how the territory and the dynamics within it are evolving and quickly predict events or interventions by analysing past data,
  • update maps, making them always up-to-date,
  • update data in archives from paper to digital,
  • create new digital systems and services for citizens, authorities, the region and other actors to better monitor requests and interventions.

The implementing company of this project is InnovaPuglia. However, intervening at the regional level, they received support both from the region itself and from various sectoral and transversal bodies. Among these, a particularly fundamental role is played by the RTD (Responsible for Digital Transition).

The project implementation is currently still ongoing. Most of the funds for project implementation come from the European Commission’s 2014-2019 Cohesion and Development Fund, which is the institution in charge of such funding.

Find out more about the Puglia Digitale project by listening to the ‘EU with YOU’ podcast: https://podcast.areanews24.it/podcast/areanews-eufactor.htm

‘EU with YOU’ is the Eu Factor Next podcast realised by Raduni, the Association of Italian University Radio Operators, to tell citizens at first hand how European funds are spent. In each episode the podcast will tell the story of a project funded by the European Union and its Cohesion Policy on the national territory.