Podcast: ‘Energie per il Sarno’ Campania project

In today’s episode we will talk about the project “Criticality intervention 1 – scope of intervention municipalities of: Angri, Boscoreale, Castellammare di Stabia, Gragnano, Marigliano, Nocera Inferiore, Nola, Pagani, Pompei, Scafati, Torre Annunziata, Torre del Greco”.

Ente Idrico Campano was able to intercept EUR 50 million under the React-Eu programme, which aims to repair the social and economic damage caused by the pandemic. Ente Idrico Campano, in particular, obtained important resources for interventions aimed at repairing the distribution network, through the React-Eu and further with the Pnrr.

For the first time in more than 50 years, water networks are being upgraded to reduce water wastage, and the technological innovations in this project include mathematical modelling, digital transposition of infrastructures, and the control of supply to households through smart and intelligent meters. These were key factors in achieving first place in the European fund allocation ranking drawn up by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

In addition to the ‘Actions for Water’ project, the ‘Energies for the Sarno’ programme, an environmental recovery and reclamation plan in synergy with the Campania region, has been put in place. By 2025, there will be the elimination of 113 discharges into the environment, guaranteeing the depollution of the river Sarno’s hydrographical basin and the recovery of bathing conditions along the entire Gulf of Naples coastline.

This extraordinary result, made possible thanks to European funds and companies working ‘in the field’ with dozens and dozens of construction sites, can be consulted with the utmost transparency on the portal called Www.energieperilsarno.it.

Find out more about this important and innovative project by listening to the podcast “EU with YOU”: https://podcast.areanews24.it/podcast/areanews-eufactor.htm

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