Join the EU FACTOR photo contest: take a picture at #LaTuaEuropa and win

Take a photo at #LaTuaEuropa and win

Take a picture of what Europe represents for you, share it on your Instagram profile. Tag @eufactorproject and use the hashtag #LaTuaEuropa. 20 euro online vouchers and many other prizes.


#LaTuaEuropa is the photo contest of the EU FACTOR project – for a cohesive, sustainable and fair Europe.

What is Europe? What does it mean for its citizens? Where do you meet it in your daily life? Let us know with a photo. The ones that get the most likes will win a voucher in an online store.
The theme is free. You can portray a landscape, a significant place, a monument, a symbol, an object or people. The important thing is that they explain because that is Your Europe. Post the photo in your profile and tag it #LaTuaEuropa (archive photos are fine too).
Photos will be shared on the EU Factor Instagram page.
And if I don’t have Instagram? If my account is private? You can still participate by sending your photos to

The competition is open from 1 April to 15 May 2023. Participation is open to all. The 3 photos that will have obtained more “like” and the 10 photos selected by the EU Factor jury will be awarded.
Saturday, June 10, 2023 at 11 am at the Open Laboratory of the Cloisters of San Pietro di Reggio Emilia will be held the event of awards and presentation of photographs of the Photo Contest #LaTuaEuropa. The initiative is included in the program of events of the OFF Circuit of European Photography 2023 XVIII EDITION – “EUROPE MATTERS Visions of an uneasy identity”.


Again, the subject is free. If you want to take a cue you can consider the strategic objectives of European cohesion policy. How Europe has improved life around me in terms of sustainability, inclusion, digitalization, mobility, rights, work.
To participate post the photo on your Instagram profile, tag the @eufactorproject page and use the hashtag #LaTuaEuropa (do it, it’s crucial to be rewarded).


They win the three photos that they receive most like at the deadline of the contest (May 15). In addition to these, a commission of experts will select and mark 10 other photographs worthy of their unquestionable opinion, based on criteria of originality and quality.
We will announce the winners on the Instagram profile of the EU FACTOR @eufactorproject and warn them with a private message on their Instagram profile (or email in case of participation via email).
Each of the 13 selected photographs will receive a voucher of 20,00 euro that can be spent at the online store (or equivalent).
The winning photographs and other photos reported by the jury:
– will become a calendar that will be printed and given away in limited edition
– will be the protagonists of a special edition of the television strip “Pills of Cohesion” of the EU FACTOR project broadcast on TV channels of TR MEDIA
– will be presented in a dedicated event that will be organized within the OFF Circuit of the XVIII EDITION of European Photography in Reggio Emilia, international cultural festival dedicated to contemporary photography
– published in a local newspaper/web tv with the names of the authors
– will be used by the communication channels of the EU FACTOR project

Discover the guidelines.

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