Podcast: A cycle route between history, culture and sustainability

Implemented in the Basilicata region, the project ‘Verso Matera, Magna Grecia, Vie della Transumanza del Sale e Francigene’ is part of the 2014-2020 Action and Cohesion Plan (CAP) for an amount of EUR 3.7 million.  

This involves the construction of a cycle route, with a route that takes up ancient paths, redeveloping disused tracks. In particular: the Vie del Sale (Salt Roads), the Via Francigene, the Via della Transumanza (Unesco Intangible Heritage) and the Itinerario del Monaco Guidone (Route of the Guidone Monk), drawn up in 1119.

The aim is to facilitate connections between Matera and the neighbouring municipalities, which have decided to work together to build the cycle path. The route will then be directly connected to the FAL (Ferrovie Appulo Lucane) station, a junction with the national train networks. 

Listen to the podcast on this ambitious project of the Basilicata Region: https://podcast.areanews24.it/podcast/areanews-eufactor.htm

“EU with YOU” is the Eu Factor Next podcast realised by Raduni, the Association of Italian University Radio Operators, to tell citizens at first hand how European funds are spent. In each episode the podcast will tell the story of a project financed by the European Union and its Cohesion Policy on the national territory.