The Conference on the future of Europe

On 9 May 2022, the Conference on the Future of Europe, the most advanced participatory experiment implemented by the EU, formally ended.

This time, the European institutions have not only consulted the citizens, but have made them deliberate and draw up recommendations on the main challenges and priorities for the future of the Union.

One year on from the conclusion of the Conference, the 49 proposals from the citizens were discussed by the Council, Parliament and the Commission to be transformed into concrete policies, but the follow-up is still ongoing. The main challenge is to convene a Convention for the reform of the Treaties, the standard procedure for extending the Union’s competences and implementing the Assembly’s more ambitious proposals, such as overcoming unanimity in the Council.

The Conference on the Future of Europe has been a unique transnational participatory process, and continues to be an extraordinary opportunity to launch a new constituent process within the EU. It is up to the European institutions to fulfil the expectations of European citizens.

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Edited by Europe Direct Emilia-Romagna