Award ceremony of the photo contest “La Tua Europa”

In the beautiful setting of the Cloisters of St. Peter in Reggio Emilia was held, Saturday morning, June 10th, the award ceremony of the photo contest “La Tua Europa” promoted as part of the project EU Factor.

The Cloisters, among other things, are part of the network of Open Laboratories projects to which we have dedicated a Story of Cohesion.

The competition was divided into two categories, for citizens and schools.

The first one ended on May 15th with a huge participation of people from all over Italy who sent their personal idea of Europe in the shots published on the Instagram page @eufactorproject.

The second challenge, which closed on 30th May, was aimed at high school students for collegiate work.

Several prizes to be won, and then sharing and visibility on EU Factor web channels!

We met and discussed about Europe, the many projects made possible thanks to its contributions, with the winning classes from High schools of Parma and Bologna, and all the participants.

In particular, there were students representing the classes 4AU of the Liceo da Vinci of Casalecchio di Reno and 4B of the Liceo Sanvitale of Parma accompanied by teachers.

The 4AU won the prize of the visit to Esperienza Europa in Rome; while the 4B won the special prize of visit to the television studios of TRC Modena.

Even some citizens who have won the photo contest on Instagram have cheered us with their presence and thanked for the initiative that brings people, citizens, young people to important issues for cohesion.

With the conduction of Roberta Trovarelli of Innovacoop and project coordinator, also Michela Bolondi, vice president of Legacoop Emilia-Ovest and Giulia Ferrari of Reggio Children participated, telling a special project about reuse.