The results of the 2024 European elections

With the European elections on 8 and 9 June, the 9th European legislature officially comes to an end and the path to the definition of the European institutional framework begins. The new European Parliament will be made up of 720 members, with the European People’s Party maintaining its majority and gaining seats, as well as […]

Podcast: Securing the Secchia river

The Secchia river is a significant watercourse that has always been important for agriculture in Emilia-Romagna. However, its natural course has been modified over the years, with significant consequences for the surrounding territory. The Secchia is an important ecological corridor connecting the Apennines and the Po river system. In recent decades, its river area has […]

Podcast: An organic methanator to revolutionise the world of renewable energy

Over the decades, our society has taken a huge jump forward in terms of technological breakthroughs. These have indeed made our lives easier, but at a very high cost. In many metropolises, the pollution rate reaches alarming levels, despite the various renewable and e-green energy sources. And it is precisely from this premise that the […]

Podcast: “Puglia Digitale” project

Digital Revolution in Apulia: an ambitious integrated project to optimise Environment, Agriculture and Regional Services The main objective of the project ‘Puglia Digitale – Operational Plan Ecosystem Agricolture Territory and Environment’ is to strengthen and evolve the system of data and services of the infrastructures of the territory. In order to achieve this goal, however, […]

Podcast: DIAST project, spatial innovation in Tuscany

The DIAST Project ‘Development of a Diagnostic System for Space and Earth Applications‘ was set up in the Region of Tuscany and is the result of the commitment and union of numerous local organisations and companies, which are benchmarks in the space sector and for industry and research.  Underlying the project is the desire to […]

Podcast: A new science campus is born in Milan Innovation District

The city of Milan is confirmed as being in the forefront and projected towards the major realities in Europe and the world. The ‘New University Campus in the MIND Area’ project aims to create a new campus for the scientific faculties of the State University of Milan. It will consist of a total of five […]

Who are the forerunners who helped build today’s Europe

A very interesting publication (downloadable free of charge, in several languages, from this page) discovering women and men who contributed vision and commitment to the birth of the European spirit. Resistance fighters, Holocaust survivors, political figures and even a film star: the visionary leaders described in this booklet inspired the creation of the Europe we […]