Podcast: A cycle route between history, culture and sustainability

Implemented in the Basilicata region, the project ‘Verso Matera, Magna Grecia, Vie della Transumanza del Sale e Francigene’ is part of the 2014-2020 Action and Cohesion Plan (CAP) for an amount of EUR 3.7 million.   This involves the construction of a cycle route, with a route that takes up ancient paths, redeveloping disused tracks. In […]

Podcast: Revamping of Macomer’s waste-to-energy plant

In the new episode of ‘EU with YOU’ we talk about a green project in Sardinia, to modernise the area’s incinerator, promoting energy sustainability. A waste-to-energy plant is a particular type of incinerator, which uses the combustion of so-called Municipal Solid Waste, i.e. non-recyclable waste from households. The term ‘revamping’, on the other hand, actually […]

Volunteering through the European Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps helps young people from 18 to 30 years old to participate in projects that benefit communities, both abroad and in their own country. These projects offer a stimulating experience of growth and knowledge. You can choose from different options such as volunteering, internships, working, participating in local solidarity projects and volunteering […]

Podcast: Landfill mining in Maruzzella

Landfill mining as a practice to revalue brownfield sites and to enable the recovery of various materials. In recent years, the world has witnessed several traumatic events that have affected our lives and some sectors of the economy. During these events, it has also been difficult to find many raw materials, which are now imported […]

Podcast: Nanophotonics fighting against cancer

The development of nanophotonics and nanotechnology will play a key role in the fight against cancer and neurological diseases. The numbers of cancer patients in Italy are growing. Last year’s figures, compiled by the report ‘The Numbers of Cancer 2022’, speak of 391,000 new diagnoses, 14,000 more cases than the previous year, affecting more men. […]

European Youth Week, voice your vision

The European Youth Week is an event organised every two years by the European Commission to celebrate and promote the engagement, participation and active citizenship of young people across Europe and beyond. The European Youth Week 2024, scheduled from 12 to 19 April, will take place two months before the European elections, which are scheduled […]

Hackathon Eu Factor at We Make Future Summer School

From 2nd to 9th September was held the AI Summer School organized by We Make Future in Monasterace (RC) along the coast of jasmine, home of Magna Grecia, where also Hackathon Eu Factor was part of the program of the week through a project work on the topics of digital communication and web analysis. The […]

Youth4Regions Survey: push and pull factors of EU Regions

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO) is working on a project to tackle the problem of the shrinking youth population in European regions. Free movement, one of the fundamental rights of EU citizens, has facilitated labour and educational mobility within the Union for years. However, in some regions this freedom […]

The winning schools of the photo contest #LaTuaEuropa

The new school year has started and many girls and boys are getting ready for the challenges and opportunities that their schools will offer in 2023/2024. EU FACTOR – a project funded by the European Union to communicate the contribution of cohesion policies to the lives of citizens, led by Innovacoop – will also make […]